Infant Care Plan

Babies who are suffering from prenatal drug exposure come to Jacob’s Hope for immediate, short-term medical care. We are the link between their birth at the hospital and home—with their mom in recovery or with a caregiver.

Baby in mom's arms

Medical Care: 24 Hours, 7 Days a Week

With Envision Physician Services, babies are consoled with therapeutic techniques and receive medical management, as needed. 

Our nursing staff immediately attends to the needs of each infant.


Take a Peek Inside Jacob's Hope

Come inside, and you’ll find six nurseries designed to meet the medical concerns of a substance-exposed newborn. The rooms have soft lighting. The walls are painted with beautiful pastel colors.

Each room has a comfortable bassinet for the baby to sleep in. A rocking chair in the corner lets a nurse, mother / caregiver, or volunteer gently rock the baby.

Just down the hall from the nurseries is a bathing room. Diapers, onesies, warm towels and wash clothes fill the cabinets. Babies are weighed here, too.

Our visitation room invites families to relax and spend time with their baby. A soft blanket on the carpet is the perfect place for baby to enjoy tummy time.

A kitchen is available for the nursing staff to prepare the babies’ bottles. Staff can also prepare a meal or have a cup of coffee. Parents and caregivers are welcome here, as well.

There’s a sense of peacefulness here—just like an ideal nursery at home.

Consoling Your Baby

A "Thank You" to Our Model of Care

The techniques for care have been learned and adapted from the extensive work of Barbara Drennen at the Pediatric Interim Care Center in Kent, WA. Barbara has worked with substance-exposed newborns since the 1980’s. She is recognized nationally as the expert and pioneer in care for these babies. Jacob’s Hope owes PICC a great debt of gratitude for sharing with our team and being a most valuable resource.