Wish list

Would you like do donate something tangible to Jacob’s Hope?


    We have a list of the items we will need to get open. Check out the WISH LIST by clicking on the button below:


    Below is a list of items we will need to care for the babies during their stay at Jacob’s Hope. When the babies leave to go to their home they will take a bag filled with their personal items donated by many of you who care about their well being.

    • diapers 0-12 pounds
    • wipes
    • diaper genies
    • receiving blankets
    • crib sheets
    • mattress pads
    • bottles
    • pacifiers
    • burp clothes
    • bath towels
    • wash cloths
    • sleepers
    • onesies
    • socks
    • baby shampoo
    • changing tables
    • hampers