Samantha’s Story

“Finding out I was pregnant with my second child while still battling addiction, I felt like my life was over. Sitting in the nursery after just giving birth I thought adoption was my only choice, until a nurse introduced me to the biggest blessing I could’ve asked for in my new situation. From start to finish, Jacob’s Hope was the best life-changing decision for my son and I. The love, encouragement, support and compassion everyone showed from the staff to the owner made such an impact that I will forever and always be grateful for.”

-Samantha D.

We support mothers through pregnancy and after delivery, caregivers and the entire family.

Our Family Support Program Includes

  • Hope Notes Course for expectant Moms

  • Parenting Classes

  • Referral and partner with housing nonprofits, medically assisted treatment centers (MAT), drug rehabilitation programs and other supportive organizations.

  • Room-in suite for mom or caregiver

  • Eat, Sleep, and Console

  • Help with DCS case plan

  • Nonjudgemental environment

Non-judgmental Interactions

It doesn’t take much to change a life, Get in touch today and start making the difference.

At Jacob’s we Promise:

  • We do not view addiction as a moral failure.

  • Compassion is our sole motivation, never criticism.

  • By caring for the mothers of these babies, we embrace them with support and give hope for the restoration of their family.

  • Drug abuse affects all areas of our society; therefore, we treat with respect and dignity.

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