How We Care For Uninsured Babies

We care for uninsured babies the exact same way we care for any of our babies!

Our admission criteria ensures babies are stable and ready to be transferred to Jacob’s Hope, however it doesn’t matter whether the baby has insurance or not.

When an infant arrives at Jacob’s Hope, they aren’t asked who their insurance carrier is. We don’t turn an infant away because we don’t accept their insurance plan or because they don’t have insurance at all. Often, they don’t even have a name.

Baby Boy came to Jacob’s Hope after being dropped off at the hospital, birthed at home or on the streets days prior and abandoned by his mother.

Baby Boy was welcomed into Jacob’s Hope even though he doesn’t have health insurance. The organization will not be paid to care for Baby Boy yet he will receive the same top-notch medical treatment, loving care, and tender attention from volunteers as our other infants do. He has Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome and is experiencing severe withdrawal symptoms from the prenatal drug exposure and may be with us a while. Our doors are open to help these newborns so we won’t turn them away. But we need your help!

Together we can bring hope for a new beginning for substance exposed newborns. Please help us ensure we never have to turn an baby away by making a tax deductible donation today. We can’t do it without your support. YOU can make a difference!

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