New Babies At Jacob’s Hope

taff at Jacob’s Hope have been busy caring for SIX babies this past month! Each with their own unique needs, but share a similar prenatal birth story. We are blessed to care for them. Read their stories below.

Baby Boy came to Jacob’s Hope at one day old. Mother was in a medically assisted treatment program to overcome her addiction and was doing tremendously well. Mother and Father visited daily to bond with their son. Thanks to the education Jacob’s Hope Staff provided, the parents learned how to console and care for their son. This young couple became family to the staff and there were tears shed as the parents were able to take their son home (aunt as a safety monitor while working with appropriate state agencies). We’re so proud of this family!

Baby Boy was born at 38.5 weeks to a mother who did not receive any prenatal care. He had prenatal exposure to methamphetamines, fentanyl, methadone, and THC, and tested positive for congenital syphilis after birth. He came to Jacob’s Hope at two days old and was on a feeding tube. After just a few days, Baby Boy fully transitioned to bottle feeds thanks to the individualized care (and 1:1 support) he is receiving at Jacob’s Hope.

Together we can bring hope for a new beginning for substance exposed newborns. Please help us ensure we never have to turn an baby away by making a tax deductible donation today. We can’t do it without your support. YOU can make a difference!

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